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Cresson Catholic Community

Saint Francis Xavier

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211 Powell Avenue
Cresson, PA 16630
Phone: (814) 886-2374
 Fax: (814) 886-2498

Rev. Leo F. Arnone
Mass Schedule: 

8:00AM Tues/Thur @ St. Aloysius (SA) 7911 Admiral Peary Hwy, Cresson, PA

8:00 AM Wed. at St. Francis Xavier (SF)
211 Powell Ave., Cresson, PA

9:00AM Fri  at St. Francis Xavier (SF
(All Saints Catholic School Mass


Saturday 4:00 PM at SA
Saturday 6:30 PM at SF
Sunday 8:00 AM at FX
Sunday 10:30 AM at SA

How lovely are your altars, Lord,
upon the Cresson mount
The Gospel preached,
the waters poured
from Church’s saving fount.

How lovely too your sacred courts
where grace and mercy flow
With absolution’s pardon, peace
and freedom here below.

How beautiful, where Sacred Host
is raised aloft on high
And priestly hands lift chalice too
To meet the Cresson sky.

How lovely is your house O Lord,
your presence undeserved,
How beautiful upon the heights
the mercies of the Lord!


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