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Call for our next Baptismal Preparation Session - Pre Registration is required. Please call Tracey Ingold to register (814)330-9235. 
Christian Initiation
Are you interested in becoming Catholic, or are you in need of receiving the sacraments?  Please call our church office at 814-882-2374 to discuss getting you started on your journey to the Catholic Church! 

Marriage Preparation

The sacrament of marriage is arranged by meeting with the pastor. No date or other arrangements are to be made before this meeting. One of the parties must be a registered practicing member of the Parish for 6 months before preparation can be made. According to diocesan policy, a date for the wedding is NOT to take place within 9 months of the initial contact so that all preparation and paperwork can be completed.  After your pastoral meeting, you will be directed to the Family Life Office in Lilly for Pre Cana ( Marriage Preparation) Instructions.  Please call the parish office today to set your apt. with Father. (814)886-2374

First Penance/First Communion Preparation

•              January 3rd 2018 Wed First Recon Prep Retreat for grade 2 and parents- 6:30pm FX Cent Hall

•              January 20th 2018, Saturday, 11 am St Francis Xavier First Confessions

•              April 21st, 2018, First Com Prep Retreat for grade 2 and parents 10:00 am FX Cent. Hall

•              May 4, 2018, Friday Rehearsal for First Communion – 4pm 

•              May 5, 2018, Saturday Mass of First Communion -4 pm


High School – Confirmation Program Mandatory Meeting Requirements

FRESHMEN 9th Grade

•              Wed Oct 11 Freshmen – Orientation Meeting includes The Rite of Blessing  6:30pm  SFX Cent Hall 

•              Sun Oct 22 Conf Retreat – St Michael’s Basilica 9 am & Shycon at DeGol Arena, SFU (Sun.Mass)   

•              Sun Nov 12  FALL SESSION 9 AM -11:30 am (10:30 mass included) St.Als

•              Sun Feb 18 SPRING SESSION 9AM – 11:30 am (10:30 mass included) St.Als-Pack the Pantry Due Date


•              Sun Nov 12 FALL SESSION 9 AM -11:30 am (10:30 mass included) St. Als

•              Sun Feb 18 SPRING SESSION 9 AM – 11:30 am (10:30 mass included) St.Als. Pack the Pantry Due Date

•              Sat March 10, 2018  Confirmation Retreat at St. Michael’s Basilica (Mass included) 9am-5pm

JUNIORS 11th Grade

•              Sat Oct 21 Confirmation Retreat SFU Firestarters (Sun Mass included) 9am-5pm.

•              Sun Nov 12 FALL SESSION 9 -11:30 am (10:30 mass included) St.Als

•              Sun Feb 18 SPRING SESSION 9– 11:30 am (10:30 mass included) St. Als –Pack the Pantry Due Date  

•              Wed Feb 21 Confirmation Candidate & Sponsor Session FXCent Hall 6:30 pm

•              April 8th, 10:30 am SA Mass- The Rite of Sending.  Candidates and Sponsors.

•              April 11th, Confirmation Rehearsal for juniors and Sponsors   Altoona Cathedral 6pm

•              April 12th,   Confirmation Mass 7 PM (Please be at the Altoona Cathedral by 5:45PM)




The link for the schedule for grades 9-11 is at http://www.ajdiocese.org/sacramental-preparation

If you are unable to attend the retreat  or session for which  St. Francis Xavier  is registered, it is your responsibility to find a substitute.  You must contact the host and make all necessary arrangements including fees and chaperons.  A signed letter from the make up facilitator must be presented to Mrs. Ingold for your record.  Thank you.

Tracey Ingold,
Sep 20, 2017, 3:52 PM